See the images from NJ shore,  photos, pics and images from the Hurricane  2012, this superstorm was the worst coastal storm on record causing floods, winds, destruction, evacuations as the picture shows along the entire east coast of the state. Before and after images showing destruction from the massive superstorm. photo of beaches washed away and beach erosion, causing a major cleanup and restoration so we can start to rebuild our towns. State of emergency was in effect for weeks, recovery performed by FEMA, the Red Cross and National Guard.
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Jersey Photography

  Photos before and after Hurricane Sandy 2012

NJ Shore Hurricane Sandy- News-Info


tn__D311951 storm damaged


tn__D312170 Avon by The Sea


tn__D312216 Asbury Park boardwalk


tn__D312059 spring lake storm damage 2012


Boardwalk memories- Seaside Heights, NJ





After the Hurricane Sandy, the beach and boardwalks as we remember is gone. Most of us have fond memories of the shore throughout our lives from childhood to adults, the rebuilding of these towns, boardwalks and arcades is inevitable. Though many homes and structures have vanished nothing can erase the pictures in our minds of what it was like.


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Memories...... Down The Shore

New Jersey is my home state. Being a baby boomer and growing up in Central New Jersey my whole life, I can remember as a teenager the excitement of visiting the Jersey shore going to the beaches and boardwalks. Every year as those first warm spring days arrived the popular thing to do with your friends was to go down the shore, no matter what day of the week or time of day, it was spring fever- you had to go there. The phrase “down the shore” doesn’t really make sense but this is the saying among New Jerseyans, meaning go to the beach areas. One of us would borrow the family car and take a carload of friends on that exciting unforgettable one hour fun drive as we could hardly wait to get there. Two popular places to go were Seaside Heights and Asbury Park. As we drove over the Seaside Bridge you could smell the salt water ocean air reminding us were near our destination.

Popular places to visit along the Jersey coast at that time were Asbury Park boardwalk, Convention Center, Palace Amusements, Seaside boardwalk, Casino Pier, Atlantic City, Steel Pier, Wildwood, Wildwood Crest and Ocean City. Some of these famous towns had drastic economic changes during the late 60’s and 70’s and lost popularity as many resorts and businesses had closed leaving places like Asbury Park stripped of their summer tourism business and eventually requiring major economic revitalizing projects which are still taking place.


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